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Please email your completed work to our year group email address so we can see all the fantastic learning you are doing at home.


Please read through the PowerPoint and then design a New Year's resolution for yourself.

4th January 2021.

We need to remain We challenge you today to be as active as you can.  Can you jog on the spot and time how long you can do it for.  Repeat with mountain climbers and jumping jacks.  Note down your time and see if you can improve on it through the week.

4th January 2021

Today our lesson is R.E.  Use the link below to complete an Oak National Academy lesson on the five pillars of Islam:

4th January 2021

In school we will be learning about Dr Barnardo and what he did for children during the Victorian Era.  Research him and what he did, either using the internet or the PowerPoint below, and create a poster of Key information on him.  If you would rather do a fact file than a poster, that is also fine to do.