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For "homework" this year, we would like you to focus on key areas. These are:

Times tables

Each child has a Times Tables Rockstars login which the school provides. We recommend practicing times tables daily in order to boost their knowledge, speed and prepare for the times tables assessment in the Summer term where they will be expected to know all of their times tables up to and including 12 x 12. 


Your child has been given a reading record and a school reading book. We recommend listening to your child read, daily. At the front of their reading record, their are key questions that you may want to ask your child. You should also find your child's reading target which tells you the specific skill that they are working on with the class teacher. Books are changed on set days (under COVID-19) to prevent the transference of germs.



Spellings are given out, every week, on a  Friday and have a specific spelling focus such as words that end  in -ly. These link directly to the words a child is expected to spell in year four. If your child achieves a score of 10 or more, they may be moved up to a group which features more complex words. They are also given a sticker which informs you of their weekly score. This is stuck on the next week's words. We recommend practicing spellings daily using a method such as: look, cover, write and check. Please see below for this week's spellings.